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Marlies Dekkers - undressed - spring/summer 2009

Founded in Amsterdam in 1993, “Undressed” the lingerie label of Dutch fashiondesigner Marlies Dekkers is seen today as a ground-breaking trendsetter in the field of underwear for both men and women. Their form and underlying approach are striking. In her designs Marlies Dekkers expresses power and selfconfidence. The romantic lace and ties are replaced by a taut interplay of lines and cutouts at unexpected places. She frames the body and creates suggestive openings, in which body parts appear and disappear and nudity becomes an exciting experience. Marlies Dekkers designs to please women. In her aim to make women experience the beauty of their own self and allow them to feel seductive in a modern and strong way she presents them as strong, sensual, self-confident seducers with provocative femaleness, girlish virtuousness, virginity and innocence. She always does this in her own highly individual and personal style, which she has consistently expressed in recent years.


In Wien erhältlich bei:
Praterstrasse 23
1020 Wien
Tel: 01 214 19 29

Galerie Macho
Bauernmarkt 2a
1010 Wien
Tel: 01 535 88 01

Stella Dessous
Hietzinger Haupstrasse 23
1130 Wien
Tel: 01 876 51 51

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