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Janine ASMAR - Haute Couture


She's been called the "Surgeon" of haute couture, and a surgeon she is, not just because Janine Asmar attended medical school prior to being the designer she is today, but mostly because of her obsessive, surgical attention to details and finishing.
Janine Asmar started out as a student at the prestigious " La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture" in France. Her close cooperation with the world's most famous Maison de Couture such as: DIOR, YSL and NINA RICCI, added to her experience and marked the starting point of a bright, international career.
From there, she went on to present her various collections to the four corners of the world: New York, Tokyo, Monaco, Dusseldorf and Washington D.C.
By 1994, Janine Asmar returned to her native Lebanon, to establish her own Maison de Haute Couture, and continues to use her creativity and imagination, mixing colors and accessories to reflect the beauty of woman in her designs.

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