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go to Partner Program- free of charge

Announcement of Events:
in our Calendar of Events - please send your infos (Text and Pictures) to the Editors - free of charge

Product Tests:
Do you have products worth mentioning in our Product Test Section? If so just send your infos (Text and Pictures) to the Editors - free of charge

Web Tip:
Is your Website special because of extra features or a great design?
Then it is fit to be "Web Tip of the Week", so tell our Editors - free of charge

publish as Fashion-News - 500 ATS (net) / Month

Article in our Newsletter:
The FNN - Newsletter - comes out at the beginning of every month - 3000 ATS (net)
Just in case you want to place an advertisement in our newsletter please contact AD Locator Network


Even though you may already have your own Homepage on the internet, being able to present your shop on a plattform like Fashion Network maximizes your opportunities in contacting prospective customers. After fixing a date for our visit, a team of fashion network will come to your shop collecting information, taking digital pictures which will appear on your own shop's page on our network.

15 pictures max., 5 Updates/ Month
360 ATS
40 pictures max., 10 Updates/ Month
600 ATS
60 pictures max., 20 Updates/ Month
900 ATS
Upgrade of max. number of pictures
120/20 pictures ATS
More Updates per Month
180/5 pictures ATS
+ 300 ATS
Including Secure Server and Credit Card Solution Provision
All prices incl. 20% VAT

You can save a lot of work and money on advertising. If you already have your own homepage, we can link your page and so you will be able to get more hits.

Banner Advertising:

Please contact the AD Locator Network

Event Broadcast:

A recording team will capture the event on digital video. After that the video will be converted to a Real Media File and will be presented on our plattform. Users are able to view the streamed videos on the internet. The Event Organization will receive the Real Media File to use it on their own Homepage and a video tape (VHS) of the recording.

Provision of recording team for 4 hours ATS 4500 (net) excl. flat rate for distance. Included is the following: presentation of the event on our plattform and the cost of the video tape.